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Cine Treks Pvt. Ltd. is a sister concern of Films & Adfilms Pvt. Ltd. It is a registered Trekking Agency authorized by the Department of Tourism, under the Company Act 2056 BS adopted by Government of Nepal. Its main objective is to attract tourists, particularly trekkers and mountaineers, into Nepal; thereby, helping to uplift Nepal's image worldwide and to promote the country's tourism industry. It also deals with all the trekking arrangements and management for the projects handled by ‘Films & Adfilms’

Nepal is world famous as a destination for tourists, trekkers, mountaineers, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers among others; and for film makers, a natural outdoors film studio. Therefore, it has a great scope for shooting different forms of movies and still photography. For this purpose, there must be a trekking agency with the accurate knowledge of filmmaker's requirements and needs; and the whereabouts of different locations with scenic beauties. 'Cine Treks' is the ultimate solution for the same.

'Cine Treks' has trained manpower with all basic requirements for a professional tour and trek-operations. The plus point and its uniqueness, is that we have sound knowledge of filmmaking as well.

Choose 'Cine Treks' for your ultimate cinematic trekking to fulfill your purpose of filmmaking and more. Or simply for the

pleasure of trekking alone.

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Trekkers' Paradise

Nepal is the land that made trekking famous and little wonder, for it is a land of many mountain trails and few roads. Trekking is the only way to see the breath taking Himalaya up close, besides exploring the traditional villages and meeting the friendly rural people of various ethnic groups along the mountain trails which makes the whole journey a deeply enriching cultural and an invigorating wilderness experience.

Of all the various activities participated in by visitors to Nepal, trekking is by far the most commonly undertaken. The wealth of scenery, the diverse flora and fauna and her complex mix of cultures make a perfect formula for traveling through the country side or through dense forests on foot. Much of the rich flora and fauna of the country is preserved in the many national parks and wildlife reserves, and most of the trekking routes pass through these places. Even a short trek will take one to picturesque hamlets, surrounded by terraced fields and forested riches. A longer trek however, takes one to diverse eco systems, places so unique they could be on entirely different parts of the planet. Moreover, the snow-clad Himalayan peaks, scenic falls, ice falls and glaciers makes the whole trekking a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

Trekking can range from an easy day walk on the edges of the Kathmandu valley to a strenuous multi day expedition to remote corners of the country. It is not just a pastime for the supremely fit adventurers but can be enjoyed by all people who possess reasonable fitness and are willing to realize their limitations.

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The Nepal Himalaya, extending for 800 kilometers from the Kangchenjunga Massif to the Mahakali river, accounts for a third of the Himalayan mountain system. More than 1300 peaks with an altitude of more than 6000 meters lie between these two boundaries. Of these peaks, there are 8 which are above 8000 meters, there are 127 which are above 7000 meters and there are 1166 peaks which are above 6000 meters.

Mountaineering first brought Nepal to the attention of the world. During the Victorian era, the sport of mountaineering was becoming more of a fashion in Europe, and once the major Alpine peaks were conquered, European mountaineers started turning their eyes into something big, and what else could have provided the greatest challenge and thrill than the Himalayas. And Nepal, within whose boundaries nestle 8 out of the 10 highest mountains peaks in the world is the focal point of all mountaineering activities.

In Nepal, 122 peaks are officially allowed to be climbed. Of these 104 are classified as expedition peaks. They are climbed by official expedition teams only, and involve a special permit, a royalty payment, endorsement of the home national Alpine Club and the accompaniment of a local liaison officer.

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Other Attractions

Few destinations in the world can match Nepal in the variety of adventure tourism. Other than mountaineering and trekking, Nepal also offers mountain biking, nature tours, culture tours, pilgrim tours, white-water-rafting, kayaking, canoeing, mountain flights, hot air ballooning, pony trekking, jungle safaris, bird watching, fishing, hang-gliding, ultra-light aircraft ride, bungy jumping, etc. In addition, we have several special interest tours like orchid tours, culture trek, honey hunting, village tours, fossil hunting, meditation courses and seminars, cave culture, snow leopard and blue sheep trek and many more that take place throughout the year. And last but not least, all the five star hotels in the Kathmandu valley have world class Casino facilities.

These are some of the effusive words of ecstasy and admiration that visitors to Nepal have used:

A Wonderland. A Shangri-La.
A world beyond your imagination and dreams. A destination on top of the world.

So why don't you pick Nepal as your next trekking, mountaineering and/or filming location?

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